6th grade girls

Coaches Tricia Macke (Macke team), Laura Bihl (Bihl team), Jason Watson (Bihl team)

6th grade girls Macke team currently playing the SOAS Sunday AAU Summer session.  Click the following link for schedule information – http://sportsofallsortsky.com/aau-boys-girls/

6th grade girls Bihl team is currently playing in the Calvary Christian league on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

6th grade girls Macke team currently practices at Highlands Middle School on weekends.

*In December the 6th girls Macke team soundly defeated several top ten national ranked teams at the Indiana Blizzard Tournament.

The 6th grade girls KY Royals Macke team has had some special honors – see below!

Royals Macke team is featured on Fox Morning show! – click here
Royals Macke team is featured in the local paper! – click here
Royals Macke team featured in Championship AAU finals video – click here to view the video!
*4th & 5th grade Kentucky Division 1 State Champions (Back to back State Championships!)
*Currently ranked #2 Division 1 Nationally
*Finished as runner-up in the AAU National Girls basketball tournament – Division 1
*Won 12 of 14 tournaments entered in 2013
*The KY Royals 6th girls Macke kicked off the new year of 2013 by claiming their 300th win!!   The girls seldom play in their own age division, instead they play in Boys AAU leagues or up one or two girl grade divisions.   In the boys AAU leagues, they have finished 30-2.    The Kentucky Royals 5th grade girls won every tournament they entered in 2011,2012, and all but two in 2013 (One tournament loss was to National Champion WV Thunder).  As well as winning the Kentucky State Division 1 AAU Title 2 years in row.   The Royals are currently ranked 2nd in the nation according to the AAU Power Rankings. Most of the girls on the team maintain an A average in the classroom.   They take part in their own team fundraising events, learning that they have to not only work hard on the court… but also in life to be able to afford to play the sport.

CURRENT 6th grade girls Macke roster -

Piper Macke    #1
Mary Camille Hagen #6
Maylaysia Chames #22

CURRENT 6th grade girls Bihl roster -

Taylor Watson   #5
Amanda Adams #15
Jalyn Jackson #14
Sydney Hennemen #10
Mallory Holbrook #35
Brooke Bihl #3
FeAlicia Arce #2
Emma Sams #24

 6th bihl NBN

6th Bihl in action!

6th Bihl in action!

KY Royals 5th Bihl win NBN league!

KY Royals 5th Bihl win NBN league!

6th Macke girls having fun after 1st place SW Tourney finish


6th girls can take care of serious business

6th girls can take care of serious business


Coaches Coaching nationsl sign  the stands
Bihl 5th NBNBihl 5th
Car wash awards fun 5th macke car washIMG_2369
Royals 5th 1st
Super Reg May5
5th girls hanging outRoyals state2
5th girls Bearcat Classic  royals 5th girls Stampede 1st placeIMG_5146state champsIMG_5151

royals2  AAU Ohio Super regional 04292012   royals

IMG_5152   Maddie bball Nationals (427x640)IMG_5143 IMG_5112  Lauren (800x600)